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The difference between the single wall and double wall construction of corrugated boxes is there is an additional "honey comb" and an additional inner wall, all of which adds strength. Many products made overseas and shipped to the United States come in double wall boxes. They are not hard to find. just as the name implies. It really has three walls as follows: an outer wall, a honey comb, an inner-wall, a honey comb, and an inside wall. It is the double honey combs that makes it a double wall box.

They do make a triple wall but it is not needed for a simply trip to Africa. The double wall with two rows of heavy tape on all sides (see photo) will safely make the strip to Africa. I use Gorilla® tape, but I assume ordinary duct tape would work as well. I have never had a box prepared like this fail to survive the trip.

Single Wall
Double Wall

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