Uganda Departure & Customs Declaration

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Check in at Entebbe Airport for your return flight will be as follows:

  • When you get to the exit level of the terminal, there are plenty of baggage carts (free) to help move your bags into the terminal
  • As you enter the terminal, you will go to your left and pass through security which includes the x-ray of all your bags (not just carry-ons) plus you passing through a metal detector and even a possible personal wand check
  • Once this is complete you must take your bags from secruity to the ticket counter (there are free carts here too) where you check in for the flight, get your seat assignment, and check any bags that do not meet carry-on requirements
  • Next stop is at customs where you will be require to present your passport and a completed copy of the "Departure Declaration" (see below - form color seems to vary)
  • Once through customs, you are then free to move around inside the departure concourse that includes a number of Duty Free shops and a fast food restaurant which takes Ugandan Shillings and US Dollars
  • They advertise wireless Internet but I have never been able to access it
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