This Week in History: 30 Years Ago - 1971 Email This Page Print This Page New Vision (Kampala) June 10, 2001 Posted to the web June 10, 2001 Amin opens International Conference Centre June 6 THE Uganda International Conference Centre, a magnificent multi-million shilling conference hall with an attached luxurious hotel, is opened by General Idi Amin. The Centre is initially called the OAU (Organisation of African Unity) Centre because at the Heads of State and Government meeting in Addis Ababa in September 1970 it was decided that Kampala would host the 1971 summit. Following the decision the pervious government embarked on constructing a Conference Centre as a venue for the summit and a luxurious hotel attached to it. When the military government took power on January 25 it was decided that all international agreements and commitments under-taken by previous government should be honoured. But most African states threatened to boycott the OAU summit because of the coup and the venue was changed to Addis Ababa. The Uganda Conference Centre and the hotel cost sh130,000,000. June 8 President Idi Amin discloses that he has not been notified as to whether the venue of the forthcoming OAU Summit had been changed from Kampala to Addis Ababa, Addressing a press conference at the Uganda International Conference Centre Amin said last year "all members of the OAU decided that the OAU summit meeting should be held in Kampala...I have not received an official letter from the OAU headquarters that the summit has been changed." June 9 President Idi Amin warns senior police officers that they will be fired unless there is substantial improvement in the behaviour of the police force within seven days' At a meeting in his office, General Amin told the officers that he would hold them responsible for indiscipline in the force. Corruption in the police force is among the worst in Uganda, and a number of policemen had connection with gangsters, Amin said. June 10 Kenya's Home Affairs Minister Arap Moi announces the arrest of National Assembly member Gideon Mutiso following investigations into a conspiracy to overthrow the lawful government of Kenya. Mutiso was implicated in statements of 12 people who were jailed on June 1st for plotting to overthrow the government of Kenya. One of the statements referred to Mutiso as the chairman of the "Revolutionary Council" formed by conspirators. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright 2001 New Vision. Distributed by AllAfrica Global Media (