This Week in History: 30 Years Ago 1971 New Vision (Kampala) July 15, 2001 Posted to the web July 15, 2001 Amin visits Israel, meets queen in Britain July 8 UGANDA closes its borders with Rwanda and Tanzania fearing attacks from the two countries. Several Ugandans were escaping through Rwanda to join guerrilla forces based in Tanzania. President Amin issues a final warning to Tanzania over its interference in Uganda's internal affairs and assistance to anti-Uganda elements. "Uganda Armed Forces (UAF) would not hesitate to strike deep into Tanzania territory in retaliation if the situation demanded," said Amin. All means of travel across the borders is prohibited. Any movement on Lake Victoria between Uganda and Tanzania is also outlawed. Amin had told UAF to shoot down any aircraft, which violates Uganda airspace along the closed borders. July 9 The Daily Telegraph of London in its editorial says that Tanzania seemed to be drifting into hostile situation with Uganda by her refusal to recognise President Amin. While the East African Standard warns the "quarrel between Uganda and Tanzania is fast approaching crisis proportion. Unless something is done about it quickly, the whole thing may get completely out of hand". Meanwhile Uganda bans aircraft flying to and from airports in Zambia from using Uganda airspace citing security reasons. Zambia was among the African countries that had refused to recognise Amin's government. July 11 President Amin arrives in Israel. At the airport he tells the press that he was in Israel to seek military assistance to raise the standard of the Uganda Army and the Airforce. This was Amin's first trip abroad since he took power. In this respect the military government directed that prayers be said throughout the country for Amin's safety while on tour. July 12 General Amin arrives in Britain. He dines with Prime Minister Heath and several British ministers including the Foreign Secretary Sir Alec Douglas-Home. July 13 Amin still on state visit in Britain. He meets over lunch with Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace. Amin bluntly told the British he was there seeking for assistance in training Uganda's growing military forces as well as economic aid. July 14 Amin tells a press conference in London that Chinese Communist instructors were accompanying guerrilla forces in raids on Uganda from Tanzania. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright 2001 New Vision. Distributed by AllAfrica Global Media (