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A Distant Grief , by F. Kefa Sempangi, 1979, Regal Books (A Division of Gospel Light). Link on the left is of the original publishing and on the right a recent reprint. The text is the same only the cover has changed

Social Studies Atlas for Uganda, 1988, MacMillan Publishers Ltd, London. A fifty-seven page paper back study guide for classroom use. ISBN 0-333-43425-0.

Sowing The Mustard Seed, The struggle for Freedom and Democracy in Uganda, by Yoweri Museveni, 1997, MacMillan Publishers (London) ISBN 0-333-64234-1. This is the story of the struggle within the nation of Uganda from the time of Independence until the present time. The author was at the core of this struggle and is now the duly elected President of Uganda.

Uganda, The Pearl of Africa by Paul Joynson-Hicks, a highly rated source of information and photographs of Uganda. Cimino Publishing Group, ISBN 1-8709-4893-9. This title is available from today for $37.50.

Uganda Rwenzori by David Pluth, A two-hundred and twenty-two page photo tour (with some text) of the magnificent Rwenzori Mountains (Mountains of the Moon) of western Uganda. ISBN 3-906745-00-7. This title is available from today for $32.95.

The Africa News Cookbook : African Cooking for Western Kitchens by Tami Hultman, A one-hundred and twenty-five page paperback with over one-hundred traditional African recipes adapted for the modern kitchen. ISBN 0-140467-51-3. This title is available from today for $14.36.

Uganda, Wellspring of Africa A two-hundred and fifty page photo tour (with some text) of Uganda. ISBN 84-7232-574-1.

Wizard of the Great Lake, The Story of Alexander McKay This is a short little book that chronicles the story of Alexander McKay, the first missionary to Uganda. He was not a pastor but an engineer and took many of his tools with him to Uganda. He got the title "Wizard of the Great Lake" because of all the things he was able to build. McKay was a Presbyterian but went under the missionary society of the Church of England.

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