When you cross into Kenya from Uganda, there is a stretch of road between the bus park in Uganda and the Kenyan border so folks would have to walk to the border. Once they entered Kenya, they would then catch a bus or taxi on that side and continue their travels. Over time, guys on small motor cycles in the area would be approached by these people being asking them to "take them to the border" and when they was difficulty communicating the folks would just say "border, border." That was soon shorten to "boda boda" which is now the name given to motor cycle travel anywhere in Uganda (and I guess elsewhere in southern Africa). Everywhere you go in Uganda, you see people being moved by "boda boda." Now in numerous trips I have seen as many four people (3 adults, one child), a couch, a coffin, chicken pins stacked up 10 high. Now this picture sort of sets a new level of boda boda cargo.