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Since URLs (Universal Resource Locators i.e. "links") tend to change from time to time, I became frustrated by the need to continually search through this site and locate and correct out-of-date links or to find that some article or information I had referenced was no longer on its home server or the URL now opened some other site. To overcome this, I now place such information on this site and link all commonly repeated URLs below. Now keeping links active is a one page update. The addresses (postal & email), phone and facsimile numbers, were correct when posted, but it is only the URLs that I work at keeping updated and they were last confirmed by me June 10, 2003.

1510 H Street NW
Washington, DC 20005 USA
202-898-8000 phone
202-898-8057 fax
All Africa.Com
Operations in Johannesburg, Abuja, Dakar, Port Louis, Mauritius, and Washington DC
202-546-0676 fax
AP - Associated Press International Headquarters
50 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10020
The Monitor
P. O. Box 12141
Kampala, Uganda
256-041-232 367
256-041-232 369 fax
The New Vision
P. O. Box 9815
Kampala, Uganda
256-41-235221 (phone/fax)
810 7th Ave., 35th floor
New York, NY 10019
Reuters News Service
Global Headquarters
85 Fleet Street
London, England EC4P-4AJ
Email Response page on Website
United Nations News Service Integrated Regional Information Networks
P. O. Box 30218
Nairobi, Kenya
United Press International, Inc.
Financial Gazette
Editor: Francis Mdlongwa
Coal House
P.O. Box 66070
Kopje, Harare
263 4 781571-9,