First Aid Kits*
(items listed are examples and not an endorsement)
First Aid Guide 1 0 0
Singe Use Thermometer 12 3 1

*I suggest three levels of First Aid Kits. The TEAM KIT is usually maintained by the team leader or team nurse, and is intended to provide basic first aid intervention for common injuries and illness that a team member might encounter. The PERSONAL KIT is what an idividual carries in their checked bags based on their personal preferences. The FANNY PACK KIT is a snack size ZiplockŪ bag with the items listed to enable first aid for a team member on the spot.

There is a fourth level for a medical team and includes necessary items for a medical ministry in a village. The items needed here would be determined by the medical people on the team and the anticipated medical needs the team would meet.

The reasoning behind the three levels of kits is that rarely has one of our team members needed the kind of intervention of the Team Kit level and so there is not point in everyone carrying a team count around with them. The Personal Kit contains the items and brand names you are most familiar with. The Fanny Pack Kit is help as the entire team is not always together at the same place and time and if you need some care (eg a small cut) you can handle that on the spot.

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