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A synopsis of Dr K's Transcendental Apologetics, 22 pages, 2007.
Biblical Evangelism
The class syllabus from Dr Krabbendam's School of Evangelism 21 pages, May 2013.
The Threefold Ministry of the Church
Dr Krabbendam's pager on the how the ministry of the church should function. 102 pages, 2014.
An overview of the Book of Esther examining it's three pivotal themes, first and main, "Providence," second "the World," and the third "the Church."
The WAY to GOD
From THREE Deadly Problems, Through THREE Saving Solutions, Into the PRESENCE of The Triune God. 8 pages, 2013.
Preaching & Worship
Establishes that Biblical preaching is foundational to Godly worship, 16 pages, May 2, 2008.
Complementarity of Truth
Dr Krabbendam's 42 page pager on the issue of Complementarity of Truth.
Epistle of James
This is Dr Krabbendam commentary on the Epistle of James, August 25, 2011. It takes a few seconds to open. It is an very large file.
Biblical Prayer
Dr Krabbendam's presntation of prayer as studied from the totality of Scripture. No date, 40 pages
Seven Pitfalls
Dr Krabbendam’s personal assessment of why Christian academic institutions fail to maintain the faith. No date, 1 page
Shoulder to Shoulder, Biblical Blueprint for the Preparation for Marriage
This is Dr Krabbendam’s Biblical Blueprint in preparation for marriage and represents many years of updates and additions. 247 pages, April 14, 2009
Teaching in the New Testament
Materials that detail the foundation for meeting the standards of teachers as taught in James 3. 5 pages, June 20, 2009
Ugandan Armed Forces Thanksgiving Breakfast Presentation
The text of Dr. Krabbendam's address to the Thanksgiving Breakfast for the Armed Forces in Uganda which reflects 30 years of experience in Uganda, January 28, 2012.
Prayer Breakfast Presentation at Kimaka
The text of Dr. Krabbendam's address given at the Occasion of the Prayer Breakfast at the Kimaka Location of The Uganda People’s Defense Forces, May 25, 2012.
Vanguard Presbytery Sermon
Message (with additional notes) shared with Vanguard Presbytery, July, 30, 2020.