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It is not my purpose to enter the debate on which Bible version is best. I will let other web sites deal with that. For me personally, I recommend three modern versions, all of which are in common English.

I believe one of the mistakes the Roman Catholic Church made in the past was to hang on to Latin when few "common people" understood it. Today, many protestants do the same thing with the King James Bible. While I grew up on the KJV and truly love many texts in that version, the palin fact is that King James English is not the common language of the English speaking people of the twenty-first century. One of the great benefits of the Reformation was its emphasis on translating the Bible into the common language of the people.

In years of working with children I have learned it is best to use a Bible version that makes clear to them that God speaks their language and they do not have to know some special language in order to communicate with God or for God to communicate with them.

May I also add, that it is also my opinion that the very best translation is the one you actually read. Otherwise, the debate is pointless.

It is much cheaper to buy vernacular Bibles in Uganda than to purchase them abroad and either ship or carry them to Uganda. You can contact

Henry Kalule, General Secretary (011-256-41-425-1165/7)
Bible Society Uganda
Plot 38 Bombo Road
The three English versions I recommend are:

English Standard Version
New American Standard Bible
New International Version

Reformation Study Bible
English Standard Version

Ligonier Ministries
ISBN: 0-87552-643-8 (Hardcover)

Edited by R. C. Sproul

I highly recommend this study Bible for your own personal study and for ministry in Uganda

New Testament with Pslams & Proverbs (NIV)
International Bible Society
Case lots (100) $160 plus shipping & handling

A convenient sized NIV New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs that is easy to carry for any outreach ministry. Flexible covers in blue or burgundy

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