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The difference between the single wall and double wall construction of corrugated boxes is there is an additional "honey comb" and an additional inner wall, all of which adds strength. Most products made overseas for shipment to the United States come in double wall boxes. Lowes® sells two sizes that are perfect for transporting ministry items to Uganda. Both are Heavy Duty. The small is 16x12x12 inches and when filled with books weighs right at 50 lbs. The medium is 18x18x16 inches and when packing a mixture of items such as used clothes, a Bible or two, some shoes, or children's stuffed toys, will weigh around 50 lbs as well.

I put the address label on first and cover it with clear packing tape to protect it. I also make sure the ends of the clear tape is in the area where the Gorilla® Tape will cover it for added protection of the label.

The airlines now require you to sign a waiver for cardboard box damage, especially water damage. Even before this, I used an industrial size, 3 mil thick garbage bag to line the box with so that if it should be rained on, the contents would be protected.

They do make a triple wall but it is not needed for a simply trip to Africa. The double wall with two rows of heavy tape on all sides (see photos below) will safely make the strip to Africa. I use Gorilla® tape. I have never had a box prepared like this fail to survive the trip. I once saw a box that had burst enroute that made it to the Entebbe baggage carousel that was held together with some airline packing tape and it looked like most of its contents was lost. I have gotten emails about all this asking if I was seriously OCD but 25 years and 50 trips to Uganda have taught me a lot.

Single Wall
Double Wall

16x12x12 packed for travel

18x18x16 packed for travel

Gorilla® tape

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