Tentative Bethel Construction Budget

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This is a tentative construction budget based on the estimates of a Ugandan engineer for the total cost and then is broken down by percentage. An American reader should understand that costs and building methods in Uganda are different than in the United States.

Architect $700
Permits $300
Sub-total $1,000
Construction Materials
Lumber $10,138
Cement Blocks $10,138
Bricks $20,276
Glass $10,138
Roofing $40,552
Electrical $10,138
Plumbing $20,276
Windows $10,138
Doors $10,138
Floor $10,138
Cement $40,552
Sand $10,142
Sub-total $202,764
Construction Labor
Engineer $5,292
Masons $9,072
Porters $9,072
Carpenters $3,000
Plumbers $2,400
Sub-total $28,836
Construction Equipment
Concrete Mixer $1,200
Vibrator $840
Steel Binder $360
GRAND TOTAL $235,000

Please use the address below to make your tax deductible contribution to Bethel. 100% of funds received are forwarded to Uganda for use by Bethel. No administrative funds are charged here in the USA. Make checks payable to Africa Christian Training Institute, and make clear it is designed for Bethel Covenant High School.

Africa Christian Training Institute
%Grahamm & Carlson, CPAs
1612 4th Street #200
Marysville WA 98270-5045

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