Dick & Barbara Johnson
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Dick & Barbara Johnson
US Coordinators of the Good
Samaritian Sponsorship Project

Barbara and Richard Mugise
an orphan who cares for himself
and a younger brother

Dick after a great dinner in the home of missionaries Bob & Jennifer Chedester (July 2002)

Dick helping treat a Ugandan child who was a "medical" guest in the Chedester home (July 2002)

Sam & Zoe Kasule, Dick & Barbara Johnson

We are the US Coordinators of the project. After a trip to Uganda in 1995 God convicted us to help with the orphan children we had seen. After communication with Pastor Sam Kasule whom we worked with on our trip he informed us of this project proposal of supporting children with school fees. They were waiting for God to raise up someone to be the US Coordinators. God had tapped us on the shoulder to do this. We now visit churches and Mission conferences throughout Florida and other states sharing about the plight of Uganda orphans.

The Hope school initially was the vision of Pastor Sam Kasule the pastor of the New Life Presbyterian Church who saw this school as an outreach of the church to the poor children of the Busoro sub-district within Ft. Portal.

Over 40% of the children sponsored through the Good Samaritan Project go to the Hope Primary School grades P-1 to P-7. Many of the guardians or parents who have their children in other Ft. Portal schools desire to send them to Hope because of the dedication of the Christian teachers which results in the children receiving a better education. They not only educate the children, but also teach them about Jesus and show the love of Christ to them. They are not perfect by any means, but way ahead of the rest of the education system. The government has taken notice to the extent that they want to make Hope school a model school in the district of Kaborole, Ft. Portal population 100,000 and the largest geography in western Uganda. The Headmaster Christopher Mwesige is an elder in the New Life Presbyterian Church and a professional teacher. He and his wife Edith, also a professional teacher were convicted by the Lord to leave their secure positions as teachers in other schools in the area and help start Hope school. This is the only Christian school in the whole Kaborole district and God is blessing with over 560 students as the school enters its 7th year. These children mostly orphans would without the Hope school never be in school as they live in mud huts, live in extended families with as many as 15 in a family and their guardians or parents could never be able to afford the $20.00 per month school fees. All of this is a result of the Aids epidemic and of the instability of the country up through the mid 1980ís. But God through the gospel of Jesus Christ is provided a way for His little ones who once had no hope and only knew darkness.

We Praise God for calling us to be part of Godís great ministry of mercy and compassion to the orphans of Uganda. We have adopted James 1:27 as our life verse; "Religion God our Father considers pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and keep from being polluted by the world."

The ministry started with school fees for orphans but God expanded it to support the New Life Church and the Hope Primary School through raising of funds for the purchase of land and construction funding for three school buildings of brick and mortar which were previously temporary log structures as well as the development of the school library the largest in Ft. Portal. God has also provided for medical needs for the children and adults as well as help for widows with housing. It is great to see how many children have now finished high school and how God has provided funds for the qualified children to go on to Universities or college. God is creating the next generation of Christians who will be the Christian mothers, fathers, husband, wives, doctors, teachers and preachers who will change, Ft. Portal, Uganda, Africa and the World. God has given hope to the hopeless, help to the helpless and met the needs of the poorest of the poor for now they are new creations in the Lord.

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