21 September Team Update

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Pastor Bob,

I feel things went very well in Kymamagule. We saw between 75-80 people on Sunday and 118 yesterday, and that's despite a late start and long lunch break/well dedication ceremony. I think we could easily improve to 200 patients a day with some fine-tuning.

It had slipped my mind about preaching Sunday; with all the other preparations that got neglected but fortunately I'd been reading my Bible on the way there and had book-marked 1Corinthians and was able to share some thoughts that seemed well-received and I hope culturally appropriate/relevant. I did get some positive feed-back including vigorous clapping and that clucking trill ("Ah-yeh-yeh-yeh") so I take that as a positive! Of course, everyone is so polite that they would never let on they were disappointed. My strength is diarrhea, not Spurgeon.

The new participants, Don and Rebecca, have adapted well and are great contributors. They both already want to come back again! Today we are off to CoRSU hospital and then Karamoja tomorrow.

Thanks for all the prayers and support. We miss you.

21 September 2010

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