Morning Star School
September 2010 Report,

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Greetings from all of us,We praise God for you and your testimony here in this village.The Lord has given you much favor and testimony amongst us and the village where we live.People were excited that Roth was coming back only to tell them that hasn't.We could tell the sadness of one Lady' who was cooking for us during the building.

We have started our last term,Our school face has so much changed because of the building and the staff,may be to let you know,the deputy head master of day spring has joined Morning star,he's one of the hard working guys we know and we hope he's going to add value tour school

Praise Reports

  1. We praise God for you and your help.We appreciate you every minute,every hour for your Love and care.The twins have successfully gone through medical check ups and treatment.It has taken them days to visit the doctor and to receive treatment.Praise the Lord for the money you sent us.This should have been done long time ago with the $250 which Laura send but nothing was done to deliver it and we let it go
  2. You remember we have a problem with water,this has been solved.A lady by the names of Heather gave us money for water and one month food for all the kids to eat,It will be a few days from now that water will no longer be a problem,Pastor Sam also has a friend from South Korea who is going to help us dig a well this month,so we will have plenty of water at school
  3. We praise the Lord for our school.It used to take us weeks to get many kids in school when the term starts but not now.Kids came in early the first week

Prayer needs

  1. Needs keep on changing depending on what comes up...
    Our greatest need now is going to be to pay the Land Lord who owns part of the field,You remember the land at the soccer field,this will need to be our greatest priority and prayer need or else we will loose that land.Pastor Sam talked to his son last night and seems to be understanding.He had put that land at around 40 million which is around $18,500 but he might sell it to us at around 23million or 22million Uganda shillings something like $10,000 if we have it at the time when he needs it .We are praying....Negotiations are going on and the price of land in Uganda is going high each year if not month.We don't want to loose that part of the field.
  2. We need another rest rooms or toilets.We had an inspection from government yesterday and they praised the development and the cleanness of our school but when they got to the toilets they told us if their bosses came they would shut us down because our toilets were almost full.We also need to have one for boys and one for girls
  3. More food for 2 more months for the kids.

Our greatest thanks goes to you Mama Cylle and Dad Roth for your good hearts.Keep that grace burning.Thanks mama Cylle for the money you sent us to treat the twins and food.

God Bless
Sylvia, Head teacher Morning Star Christian school
Pastor Sam, Director Morning Star

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