A Distant Grief
F. Kefa Sempangi
With Barbara R. Thompson
Regal Books, A Divison of Gsopel Light Pulications
192 pages in paperback
ISBN 0-8307-0684-4
It sold for $4.95 at publication

This 1979 book is the result of the experiences of Kefa Sempangi, the founding pastor of the Redeemed Church of Kampala that had 14,000 members in the early 70s.

Kefa, his family, and the church became targets of Amin and his henchmen and it was only by God's grace that they made it out of Uganda alive. Many others did not.

A Distant Grief contains powerful testimony to the evil of Amin and the grace and goodness of God. It tells the story of many who's voices have been silenced on this year by brutal oppression and murder.

While in exile from Uganda, Kefa attended Westminster Theology Seminary in Philadelphia. Twenty years later Kefa continues to run the Africa Foundation, a ministry to the street children of Uganda.

A Distant Grief has long been out of print but can still be found in used book stores. If you find a copy and are not interested in it yourself, buy it and send it to me. Kefa told me in 1999 that he had heard it was to be reprinted but so far I have not seen any news of a reprint.

Kefa is pictured here with my 1999 Uganda team.

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